Trevor Moore Net Worth 2023-Biography, Age, Height, Death

As of 2022 Trevor Moore Net Worth: American-based Trevor Moore was an exceptional artist, author and creator who is well-known for his comic series. The series named “The whitest kids U know” made him viral and famous and due to this, he achieved the height of popularity.

He was making millions in his net worth and was a notable comic artist in the industry with versatile roles. Let’s discover his overall net worth and bio in detail.

Trevor Moore Net Worth of  2022:

As per the recent news and updates, it is said that he had a net worth of about 4M$. He died early in his age so his monthly, yearly and weekly income is not known to the public.

Most of his income comes from his comedy vocation but a percentage of his income comes from his producing, directing and writing vocation too. He also worked as a musician.

Profile of Trevor Moore:

Net Worth 20224M$
Annual salaryUnknown
ProfessionWriter, Comedian, director, producer, musician.
Age41 years old

Early Life and Biography of Trevor Moore:

Trevor has a background of artistic parents who developed an interest in Art and comedy at a very early age. As per his birth is concerned, he was born in New Jersey. His mother and father were performing as church signers at that time and it is reported they were the best during that time.

One of their songs went to the peak of heights. For example, the song named “a love song for number two” was labelled as the second most popular song on Christian charts. His early schooling is not known to the media as he went to many schools because of travelling from one place to another.

However, one of the resources mentions that he went to covenant school. When he was 18, he graduated and carried on working on his projects.

Although from the start he wanted to study journalism and political science but eventually, he started to looky film at the school of visual arts.

This happened due to his lifelong interest and love for cartoons and comedy. It is reported that he used to sketch cartoons when he was younger and developed a cartoon book called “Scraps”. He also started some comic strips which later became part of the bigger picture.

Biography Table Trevor Moore:

Birth Name:Trevor
Date Of Birth1980
Age:41 years old
Mother’s name:Rebeca
Father’s name:Michael
Siblings:Will be updated soon.
Education:ArtsCenter College
Hair Color:Blonde
Eyes Color:Blue
Sexual Orientation:Conventional
Marital statusMarried
Lucky NumberUnder Review
PromoterUnder Review
AwardsPig award
Social Media:FB, YouTube
Net Worth:4M$

Career development of Trevor Moore:

Starting in the 1990s professionally, Moore was working on his personally producing and writing a comedy show called “The Trevor Moore Show”. The show was recorded and filmed in his local residential area.

It is said that after 16 episodes, the show stopped due to a controversy that it contains unlawful and offensive content which may be harmful. One other reason for stopping the show was its programming time.

Trevor Moore wanted to broadcast the show at night but later he came to know that it was broadcasted in the morning which according to Moore was negatively affecting the rating of the show. Later, he started as a producer and writer for a comedy show. Meanwhile, he was working on his projects too.

He and his friends 2010 released another show called “the whitest kid U know”. This became another classic hit for Moore and his friends. One of the episodes that featured Civil war as a theme went viral and was documented many times on many shows including the WKUK.

In 2019, he started another show for the Disney channel which was liked and appreciated by many artists.

Before his death, however, he was working on a YouTube channel where he was discussing variant topics along with his co-actors.

Personal Life of Trevor Moore:

In 2010, Trevor Moore married Aimee Carlson in Brooklyn under the baptism minister “Dr Norman”. Both had a very happily married life with one son.

But in 2021, the death of Moore devastated Aimee and his family who published a heartfelt at his death. She stated his death as sudden and tragic and called him “his whole”. Trevor Moore died at the age of 41 in a car accident. Recommended Readings: Tiny Tim Net Worth, Jaguar Wright Net Worth.

Awards and achievements of Trevor Moore:

Trevor Moore’s comic work was appreciated by many but he rarely got any award for his work. Once in 2009, he got nominated for an award but did not achieve it.

House and cars of Trevor Moore:

The data about his houses and cars are still under review.

Favourite thing of Trevor Moore:

Comedy, film-making and art were all he loved to produce, direct and perform. His career also centres around his passionate things.

Real estate of Trevor Moore:

The real estate assets of Trevor Moore are still not known.

Repeatedly Asked Queries:

Q: How old was Spencer when he released his first book?

A: He was 16 when he published his first work called “Scraps” as a cartoonist.

Q: Did he face any defences in his lifespan?

A: Yes, he faced criticism and blame for offensive content for his show called “The Trevor Moore Show”.