Top Music Promotion Services Every Independent Artist Should Consider

If you are an artist trying to monetize your music video, reaching your target audience would be your first step. Music video promotion services help to get the right audience and grow your channel. Finding the best music promotion services is quite challenging as well. But don’t worry! Here’s the guide to discovering the top service you should consider as an artist.

Best Music Marketing Company For A Creator

YouTube has introduced a “YouTube for artists” website to set up the artist account and monetize their channel hassle-free. However, you must meet the requirements to make money on your channel. One of the best music promotion services that will assist you in getting adequate watch hours and subscribers is VeeFly.

VeeFly is proven to be the best service to skyrocket your music career. This promotes video on YouTube using Google Ads, making it reliable to hire. With this service, you can reach your target audience and increase your videos’ views and subscribers faster. You must visit the official website of VeeFly to set up your account and create a campaign to promote video on YouTube.

The best part is that VeeFly lets you start promoting your videos with just $10. That’s right! You get almost 200 views for $10. But this isn’t the same for every country. If you stay out of the United States, you will be offered different views. Also, while creating a campaign, VeeFly offers a “What do you want besides views?” option at the bottom of the page to give a better understanding of your needs.

Social media platforms are another free promotional service every Independent artist should consider to promote their videos. You can advertise your videos by posting the video link on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Steps To Promote Your YouTube Music Video With VeeFly

If you have already logged into your account, navigate to the dashboard and follow the following steps.

  • In order to promote video on YouTube, click on the promote a video button.
  • Paste the video’s link into a box, and click the promote now.
  • It’s time to set up your campaign.
  • Enter the budget, apply a promo code (if you have any), select countries, select what you want beside views, and click the Create Campaign button.
  • You will be required to make payment for the campaign, and you will be good to go!

Once your campaign is made, the process takes 12-24 hours to start promoting. If it takes longer than that, or you face an issue, you can contact customer support. The details are available at the bottom of the home page.


Every artist creates a video with the hope of going viral. But your videos will get more views once they reach the right audience. Hiring YouTube promotion services assists your music videos to reach millions of people and increase engagement. If viewers like your videos, they will likely convert into subscribers. As soon as you generate the required subscribers and views, you will be able to monetize your videos.