Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth 2023 – Biography, Kids, Wife, Career

Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki, also known as “the rich American dad,” is thought to have a net worth of $110 million. He is a great businessman who has only engaged in business. Moreover, he is a public speaker and a real estate investor as well.

This article details his current earnings, such as how he began and how much he earned. You can get all the answers to your questions about Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth in this blog post. Let’s have a look at his background, education, assets, and business history.

Biography at a Glance

NameRobert Kiyosaki
Net Worth$110 Million
Age75 years old
Height1.70 m
ProfessionBusinessman, Author
Eye ColorBrown
MotherMarjorie O. Kiyosaki
Hair ColorBlack
Date of Birth8 April 1947
Parents NameFather – Ralph H. Kiyosaki
SchoolHilo High School
CollegeThe University of Hawaii at Hilo
Zodiac SignAries

Robert Kiyosaki Net Worth in 2023

The question of how much Robert Kiyosaki is worth is most asked. His net worth is 110 million USD, much more as compare to an American nation singer Jaguar Wright’s net worth. Aside from the success of his book, he also has regular revenues from his enterprises and real estate holdings.

 According to Forbes, Approximately $200 million will be Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth in 2024, more than Brian Banks’s Net Worth.

The amount of Robert Kiyosaki’s wealth after subtracting his liabilities is known as his net worth. Kiyosaki founded Rich Dad Company and Rich Global LLC. Moreover, it offers books and videos on business and finances.

Robert Kiyosaki: Who is He?

Businessman Robert Kiyosaki gained fame from his book Rich Dad Poor Dad. His book inspired optimism in people not born wealthy that they may also become wealthy. However, the public cannot access the net worth of his book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

 Robert Kiyosaki’s book gave hope to many people without affluence that they could, too, succeed. In addition to that, Robert Kiyosaki owns a few businesses that bear the names of his well-known book.


Hilo, Hawaii, was the birthplace of Robert Kiyosaki on April 8, 1947. Moreover, he is the eldest of three siblings. The Dad of Robert Kiyosaki was a teacher when he was in school. Thus, Robert Kiyosaki received an outstanding early education as a child.

As a Japanese American, Robert Kiyosaki grew up with three younger brothers. 

During his service in the military, Kiyosaki attended the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Where he spent two years and got an MBA degree. In June 1974, he received an honourable discharge from the Marine Corps.

Robert Kiyosaki Age and height 

On 8th April 1947, Robert Kiyosaki was born. Robert Kiyosaki is currently 75 years old. In fact, Robert Kiyosaki is a well-known businessman and author.

Many of Robert’s fans are curious about his height and weight. Check out the details below to learn Robert Kiyosaki’s height.  

Robert Kiyosaki is 1.70 metres tall and weighs 85 kilograms. 

Empire of Robert Kiyosaki Business

In 1974, he attended a business seminar and was inspired to become an entrepreneur. Robert Kiyosaki founded a nylon wallet company named Rippers in 1977. In this way, he began to build his economic empire.

Robert Kiyosaki entered the real estate business after experiencing his first taste of success. Later, it significantly increased his earnings. Later, Robert Kiyosaki founded the Rich Dad Company & Rich Dad LLC, where he discovered most of his commercial success.

Teaching Business

Robert Kiyosaki turned the losses into lessons they could share with others rather than grieving over them. As a result, he helped develop Accelerated Learning Institute, a provider of business education. His long-awaited moment was here.

Robert Kiyosaki’s Marriage history

Despite their status as legally married, Robert Kiyosaki & Kim Kiyosaki have been apart since 2017. Unfortunately, he and Kim Kiyosaki are going through a divorce due to the separation.

Robert Kiyosaki bankruptcy

It’s crucial to mention that Kiyosaki has achieved great success as an entrepreneur and author. However, he has also faced challenges and setbacks along the way, such as the bankruptcy of his business in 2012. Additionally, his business has been sued by seminar participants who claimed they had been duped.

In connection with a dispute over royalties, his company also sued. After the court case, the company was in horrible shape, so Kiyosaki filed for bankruptcy.

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Real Estate

Robert Kiyosaki acquired his first investment property in Hawaii in 1973. Further, this was breaking into the real estate market. Thus, this causes another success in his real-estate business.

Further, he currently publishes books & conducts seminars on the real estate business. Moreover, its purpose is to encourage individuals to begin investing in real estate. He discusses issues about the past, present & future of such a real estate sector. Robert Kiyosaki devotes hours to explaining the real estate market and is quite passionate about it. 

Although Kiyosaki has never publicly disclosed how many investment properties he owns, it is estimated to be around 7,000. 

Favorite Quotes from Robert Kiyosaki

  • First, “The single most powerful asset we all have is our mind. If it is trained well, it can create enormous wealth.” Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • Second, “The richest people in the world build networks; everyone else is trained to look for work.” Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • Third, “A person can be highly educated, professionally successful, and financially illiterate.” Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • Last, “In today’s rapidly changing world, the people who are not taking risks are the risk takers.” Robert T. Kiyosaki

Facts about Robert Kiyosaki

  • Robert Kiyosaki has 2.75 million Subscribers on youtube, 2. million Followers on Twitter, & 2.9 million Instagram followers. Moreover, his overall number of followers on social media is 13.65 million.
  • In addition, Kiyosaki has sold over 41 million books internationally.
  • In 1947, Robert Kiyosaki was born in Hawaii.
  • Robert Kiyosaki & Kim Kiyosaki, a former power couple, aren’t any longer together.
  • Cash Flow, one of the most famous board games for financial education, Kiyosaki created.
  • During the Vietnam War, Robert Kiyosaki piloted a chopper gunship.
  • Further, he wrote one of the most influential personal finance titles ever. Moreover, his best-selling book name is Rich Dad Poor Dad’.

Frequently Asked Questions

a)     Who is the wife of Robert Kiyosaki?

Kim Kiyosaki & Robert Kiyosaki have been partners since 1986 but ended their relationship in 2017.

b)     What is Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth?

Robert Kiyosaki’s investment properties, stocks, & enterprises are responsible for his richness.  So, the net worth of Robert Kiyosaki is $110 million.

c)      What is the number of books Robert Kiyosaki has written?

Robert Kiyosaki has authored a minimum of 12 books about investment and wealth. Additionally, he runs a podcast about investment and numerous workshops. Real estate industry experts consider him to have a strong influence.

d)     What is Kiyosaki’s source of income?

The company’s primary sources of income are franchisees. These affiliates run Rich Dad seminars under Kiyosaki’s name & charge attendees a fee. Additionally, he developed the Cashflow board and computer games. Thus, it teaches adults and children about business and money.

e)     What is Robert Kiyosaki’s monthly salary?

Kiyosaki reportedly earns over $1 million monthly from all of his ventures. His real estate assets plus licence agreements provide the majority of this money.

f)       What is said about Bitcoin by Kiyosaki?

Robert Kiyosaki stated in a tweet series in May 2022. Further, his goal is to see Bitcoin drop below $20,000. So that he could buy the cryptocurrency when it is at its lowest. Ultimately, he predicts, it will bounce back and hit new heights.

Conclusions Relating Robert Kiyosaki 

In conclusion, Robert Kiyosaki gained notoriety from his books. His books guided readers in making investments. Moreover, the American investor has gained acclaim as a social activist and an entrepreneur as well. Further, he is a famous author and a financial analyst in personal finance too. 

Over the years, Kiyosaki’s remarkable personality has led him to achieve enormous success. Although, he had a challenging early life and failed numerous times.

However, after several class-action lawsuits, Kiyosaki’s business filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Therefore, information regarding his wealth and investments may not be as accurate as he claims.

Nevertheless, Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be $110 million. He is also known for his successful financial education programs and publications.