Rayful Edmond Net Worth-Biography, Age, Height, Family

Rayful Edmond is a very fabulous Drug Dealer in the United States of America. Rayful Edmond landed on earth on 26th of November, 1964. Rayful Edmond was a drug dealer in Washington DC, The United States of America. Edmond was famous for selling the large amount of Cocaine in the Washington DC which increase the crime rate in the ciy and The city is said to be The Murder Capital of United States due to Rayful Edmond. Rayful Edmond was jailed in 1989 and sentenced to his life in prison. Rayful was the first person in America who introduced crack cocaine in the city of Washington DC.

Net Worth 2022:

The networth of Rayful Edmond is 50 Million $. His monthly income is from $100,000 to $500,000. Rayful Edmond yearly income is about 10 $ Million. Rayful Edmond earned his whole money by selling drugs in Washington. 

Name  Rayful Edmond
Net Worth 2022 $50 Million
Annual salary $ 4,00,000
Profession  Illegal drug dealer
Gender  Male
Horoscope Sagittarius 
Age  58 Years

Early Life and Biography

Rayful Edmonds’ birthday is on 26th of November 1964. Rayful Edmond was born in Washington DC, the United State of America. His childhood was spent in Washington, America. Edmond was lucky to have millions of dollars in the 80’s earned by selling crack cocaine. The age of Rayful was 22 years when he earned his million dollars by selling drugs. Rayful also shipped his drugs to Los Angeles, United states of America. Then later in 1989, Rayful Edmond was arrested by Police and Court ordered to put him in jail for his whole life but he continued selling drugs in the jail. But later he had a contract between him and the government that he will become their informer and inform about the other drug dealer to get them arrested.

Biography Table 

Birth Name: Rayful Edmond III
Nickname: N/A
DOB: 26-Nov-1964
Birthplace: Washington, D.C, United States
Age: 58 years
Mother’s name: Constance Perry
Father’s name: Rayful Edmond Jr.
Siblings: Rachelle Edmond
Education: Dunbar High School.
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: American
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Height: 183 cm

6 feet and 0 inches

1.83 m

Weight: 165 pounds

75 kg

Hair Colour: Black
Eyes Colour: Brown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship: Single
Wife: N/A
Children: N/A
Social Media: N/A
Profession: Illegal drug dealer,Drug Trafficker
Net Worth: $50 Milion


Rayful Edmond started his career when he was in his teenage years. Rayful Edmond earned a million of dollars in his teenage life and when he was 22 years old he was the famous millionaire kid of the 80’s. Rayful was very expert in escaping from the Police.In 1987, Rayful Edmond extended his business and started selling crack cocaine in hundred kilos in a month. At the same time he also started transporting his frug to other cities like Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Then later in 1989, there was a time in America when 60% of the drug market was under the ownership of E=Rayful Edmond. As law enforcement was behind Edmond since his starting, they arrested him in 1989 and he was sentenced to jail for his life by court but later he had a contract with the Government that he will become their informer and help them to stop drug dealing in the State.

House and  Cars

Rayful Edmonds has a very big and beautiful house. Rayful Edmond loves cars and he has a very rare and good collection of cars.

Personal Life or Relationship

Rayful Edmonds father’s name is Rayful Edmond Jr. and Mother name is Constance Perry. Rayful Edmond has one sister who’s name is Rachelle Edmond. Rayful Edmond is unmarried.

Real Estate or Asset

Rayful Edmond owns a Big house and a rare edition of Lamborghini. His net worth is $50 Million. He also has other rare edition cars.

Favourite Things:

Rayful Edmonds’ favourite things are music and cars. Music and cars are his first priority. He has a good and rare collection of cars.


What is Rayful Edmonds net worth?

The networth of Rayful Edmond is $50 Million.  

Why is Rayful Edmond very famous?

Rayful Edmond is a famous Drug Trafficker.

Is Rayful Edmond married?

No, Rayful Edmond is not married.        

Where was he born?

Rayful Edmond was born in Washington.

What is the age of Rayful Edmond?

He is 58 years old.