Nick Bare Net Worth – Height, Age, Fitness, Girlfriend & More

Former US Army Platoon Leader Nick is an American YouTuber, author, Entrepreneur and fitness freak. Nick is the CEO of a company named “Bare Performance Nutrition. In addition, he is the “Embrace the Suck’ founder, a Nick Bare hybrid training program.

How rich is Nick in 2023? How much is Nick Bare Net Worth? Nick Bare net worth is estimated to be $15 million in 2023. Find out Nick’s net worth, relationship, height, weight and full bio. You can find further detailed info below regarding career history, wife, expenses, and income details.

Key Takeaways from NICK BARE BIO

  1. Nick is just 33 years old millionaire – the youngest millionaire
  2. Further, he was born on August 1, 1990.
  3. His zodiac sign is Leo.
  4. His YouTube channel has a strong following, with over 918K subscribers. Moreover, Bare has more than 883K followers on Instagram.

A Quick Overview of Nick Bare Bio

Net worth $15 million
First Name Nick
Last Name Bare
Birth Place Pennsylvania
DOB 01 August 1990
Gender Male
Birth Sign Leo
Weight 88-93 KG
Age 33 Years
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Profession Entrepreneur, YouTuber & Author
Religion Christian
Father name Mike Bare
Mother name Linda Bare
Wife name Stefany Banda

Who is Nick and How he Became Fitness Freak?

He founded Bare Performance Nutrition, a company. It provides nutrition plans, performance courses, and supplements for athletes. Nick has worked in the wellness, health, and fitness industry throughout his business career.

An athlete, author, influencer, and US Army Veteran, Nick has extensive experience in business development and is an expert in weight training.

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Initially, he served as a platoon leader. After serving as a First Lieutenant in the US military, Nick has now become a YouTube celebrity.

Find out how he became a well-known figure in the fitness industry. Check out the personal life of a former marine, including Nick Bare wife, children, etc.

Nick Bare Net Worth

In May 2023, Nick Bare net worth is around $15 million.

As reported in various online articles, he earns money selling nutrition supplements and other related merchandise.

The accomplishments he has made have made him a star. It is undeniable that he will continue to succeed in his career, as well as an increase in wealth, as time goes on. Further, his

  • YouTube videos
  • Instagram account,
  • modeling shoots, and
  • advertisements for brands
  • make him rich.

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Nick Bare YouTube Income: How Much Does he Make?

Nick has made $1,000,000 from ads in his YouTube videos. These income streams do not include merchandise, sponsors, or other business ventures. Due to his strong subscriber base and large view count, he makes so much money.

What is the Monthly Income of Nick?

Approximately $30,470 is the monthly revenue Nick earns. In addition to YouTube AdSense, he generates revenue from all his business ventures and monetization methods.

His YouTube channel receives approximately 2,116,000 views per month. The income from YouTube AdSense is $16,928.

Below is an overview of Nick Bare’s YouTube Ads earnings over time.

  • Amount Earned Per Year: $205,957
  • Monthly Earnings: $16,928
  • Weekly Earnings: $3,950
  • The average earnings per day are $564
  • Hourly Earnings: $24

Nick’s Detailed Background

On August 1, 1990, Nick was born in Pennsylvania. His father’s name is Mike Bare, and his mother’s name is Linda Bare. In addition, Preston Bare is his only brother. Nick earned a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and a master’s degree in Business Administration.

Since 2012, Nick has been CEO of Bare Performance Nutrition. Furthermore, he was the United States Army’s First Lieutenant & Platoon Leader.

His main competitor is bodybuilder Russell Orhii, a BPN Supplements athlete. His company began as a YouTube channel in 2012, where he shared information about his army life, training, and nutrition. As part of Army ROTC, he studied at the US Army Ranger School in 2014.

He is listed as one of the “Most Successful Fitness Instructors” on Popular Bio.

Nick’s name is listed among those “Famous People Born in August 1990”.

Currently, he is the wealthiest fitness instructor.

An Insight into Bare’s Personal Life

Nick Bare Fitness Routine & physical appearance

Nick Bare fitness routine

Nick Bare age is 32 and will turn 33 years in 2023. The color of Nick’s hair is blonde, and he has blue eyes.

In addition, his zodiac sign is Leo. Nick is an American citizen. There is no doubt that Nick loves working out. His daily fitness routines and workouts have given him quite a masculine build.

His physical appearance is too attractive to other famous people because of that. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article and found it interesting.

  • How tall is Nick Bare? Nick Bare height in 5’10” & Centimeter: 177 cm, Meter: 1.77 m
  • Weight in Kilograms: 80 kg 
  • Who is Bare Dating?

Nick keeps his love life and personal life private. However, some online resources said he had no girlfriend.


It’s not just Nick in the family. Additionally, he has a brother named Preston. He has a great relationship with him, of course. 

Is Nick married? Nick Bare Wife & her Background

Nick Bare Wife

In October 2020, Nick bare married Stefany Banda. She is a Michigan native. Their wedding occurred at Planterra Conservatory, the bride’s home state. Further, she graduated from Michigan State University and is a YouTuber. Currently, she assists Nick in running Bare Performance Nutrition.

It is believed that Bare and Banda began dating somewhere in 2017.

Stefany was born and raised in the Midwest. Bare graduated from Michigan State University. They met in their mid-twenties when they lived in Nashville, TN.

The couple engaged in Sept 2018, and their wedding is set for May 2020. According to Nick Bare Instagram account, she wrote in 2018:

”This morning, barefoot in our backyard…the one & only love of my life asked me to marry him…and I said YES!”

Additionally, Stefany wrote:

”I can’t quite put it all in words right now…but I love this man more than anything on this earth!”

Stefany holds a Journalism Degree from Michigan State University. A former social media manager at Rated Red, she currently blogs at

They have two doodles, Ryder & Remi, and live in Austin, TX. The Bares welcomed their first child in July 2022. Their daughter’s name is Charli.

A Career Profile of Nick

Former Military Man Nick  

(2009-2013), Bare attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Western Pennsylvania. After graduating college, Nick joined the army after getting a Bachelor of Science degree (BS) in Nutrition. Moreover, he received a full ROTC scholarship.  

In his post-college career, Bare served in the US Army as an infantry officer stationed in Korea. After completing Ranger School and Airborne School, he enrolled in various military training schools for four years.

In addition to being an ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) member, he graduated with a distinction from the military. Also, he marched 150 miles in the military to support Hurricane Harvey victims. As a result, he was promoted to Infantry Platoon Leader. Even so, he was unable to pass multiple phases of Ranger School.

Six-foot-tall nutrition expert, Nick credits his military experience with teaching integrity, leadership, and team building. Later, he relocated to South Korea, focusing on growing his company there. 2017 marked Nick’s retirement from the service.

In a YouTube video, he discusses his experience and challenges in preparing for the military.

Bare Thought about Starting a Fitness Business while in the Army 

During his four-year military service, Bare completed Ranger School and Airborne School. Afterwards, he started taking part in Marathons,

Nick Bare marathon – He ran in the Austin Marathon, an annual marathon in Texas. Runners from all fifty US states and 35 countries participated in the race.

After running eighteen miles in preparation for a marathon, he became an instructor with his “Go One More” mindset. Besides, he took out a $20k loan to launch Bare Performance Nutrition. Moreover, he took that loan while serving as an Army Infantry Officer.

Nick told Starter Story

”In May of 2013, I was commissioned as an Infantry Officer and was shipped to Fort Benning, GA to complete the Infantry Officer Basic Course, Ranger School, and Airborne School.”

He started Bare Performance Nutrition out of a college apartment in 2012. Now he mainly works from Round Rock. In addition to that, Bare wrote: “25 Hours A Day – Going One More To Get What You Want”.

Many of his followers call him the Iron Man. Occasionally, he solves problems for athletes’ mindsets. Over the past few months, he’s gotten into CrossFit and endurance training.

As for his current goals, he’s looking to learn and incorporate Olympic lifting into his routine and compete in Crossfit. He still runs a few marathons across the state now and then.

Start of Entrepreneurship

During college, he began creating and selling pre-workout supplements. Nick Bare workout supplements are so famous these days.

He got a loan from USAA, a military-affiliated bank offering up to $25k to ROTC cadets. His company, ‘Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN), was founded in 2012 with money from a loan.

In the beginning, he worked with a US company to develop, manufacture, and test his products. His first two products are

  1. Flight (pre-workout) and
  2. Intra-Flight (post-workout).

During his military service, he built a social media profile which helped his business grow. He retired from the military in 2017. Since then, he has built a network of seven-figure companies, revolutionizing sports nutrition and dietary Nick Bare supplements. BPN currently offers

  • luggage,
  • Shaker and water bottles,
  • shirts,
  • gift cards, and
  • duffel bags.

Later, Nick developed a training regimen called ‘Embrace the Suck’. Training strategies and tactics were modeled after his 12-week program. A couple of years ago, he completed the infamous Ironman triathlon in Florida, so he walked the walk.

Why Nick Decided to be a YouTuber?

In April 2012, Bare launched his YouTube channel. According to Nick:

”In the first year of producing YouTube content, I was able to grow my channel to 20,000 subscribers.”

The video has been viewed over 1.6 million times in just one month. The video can be summarized as follows:

”I simply showed my life and what it was like being an Infantry Platoon leader based in Korea.”

Further, he said:

”I can remember sitting in Korea watching this video and seeing the views go up by tens of thousands and I was blown away seeing my subscribers growing.”

His most viral video is “My Morning Routine | Hybrid Athlete & CEO,” uploaded on 03.07.2021. The video has had more than 3,67 million views in just a few hours. According to YouTube AdSense alone, these views are worth $29,368.

The “WHY I RUN” video, uploaded on 14.01.2020, has gained over 3,306,000 views. Further, Nick’s video, “1-MILE RUN PR | 4:53 At 194 Pounds, ” gained over 3,095,000 views.

He uploaded his debut video in October 2014, entitled “Full Day of Eating.”

Creating a YouTube channel was his way of attracting an audience and inspiring young minds. There are 771K subscribers to his channel.

Nick’s Video Earnings: How Much Does He Make? Nick Bare’s channel receives around 152k views on average per video. YouTube AdSense would generate $1,216 per video.

A sponsorship video can earn Nick Bare about $4,460. A sponsorship fee of $30 per 1000 views allows him to earn $4,560 per video since he averages 152,000 views per video.

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Bare Performance Nutrition FounderBTS Story

The company he founded in 2012 is called Bare Performance Nutrition.

The company receives around 250 orders a day on average. It usually takes around 4,000 orders for a new product to launch or for a big sale. The company says:

”Through training, nutrition, and mindset it is our goal to help improve your health, wellness and performance.”

His experience in the United States Army helped him build Bare Performance Nutrition. According to him:

”What I learned in the military is so applicable to running a business – the leadership – but simultaneously the teamwork has helped a great deal.” 

During another interview, Bare stated:

”The values I learned during my time in the military have directly influenced the same values we hold close to us at Bare Performance Nutrition.”

The revenue for the year

  • Approximately $300,000 in 2016
  • $1,7 million in 2017
  • $3.2 million in 2018
  • Further, $5.6 million in 2019
  • $22 million in 2020
  • Nick’s Book

He published ’25 Hours A Day’ on January 28, 2020. According to Bare’s Facebook page, the book is about:

”This book is a compilation of lessons I’ve learned and adopted through my many wins and losses.”

Bare Performance Podcast

Nick runs a popular podcast in addition to running a successful supplement company. Bare Performance Podcasts are available on

  • Soundcloud,
  • Spotify,
  • iTunes, and
  • Google Podcasts.

The majority of Nick Bare Podcast’s income comes from sponsorship deals. In this case, a company spends the podcast for a specific time to showcase its advertisement.

Trivial Facts

  • He won an “Iron Man Competition” in Florida, Panama City, in Nov 2019.
  • Bare finished the competition with a total race time of 11:28:08.
  • He has been doing 100 push-ups a day for the last ten years. 

According to Nick, Men’s Health:

”The reason I started doing them is because when I was growing up I would watch my dad, and he would do 100 pushups in the morning, in the kitchen.”

In further remarks, Bare said:

”While we were all eating breakfast he’d just be on the kitchen floor knocking out 100 pushups shirtless.”

Teenager Nick Suffered from Anorexia

Well, Nick Bare fitness videos and advice are popular today. However, he had debilitating health problems back then.

Nick struggled with eating disorders as a young adult. According to him:

“My disorder initially impacted me mentally more than physically. Eventually, all I thought about was eating less and exercising more.”

During another interview, Nick confessed:

“My fitness journey started as a young teen, recovering from an eating disorder and transitioning my focus to a healthier and happier me.” 

As a teenager, the future entrepreneur felt too weak due to his eating disorder. Eventually, Nick was able to overcome his eating disorder. As a result, he is now a healthy fitness professional with a strong physique.

Nick often describes his fitness journey as starting as a young teenager. He was recovering from an eating disorder and transitioning to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

During a chat with Train Mag in February 2020, he revealed his anorexia started during his first year. The sooner he started controlling his nutritional intake, the better. Bare says you will be on the right track by exercising more and gradually reducing your meal intake.

Further, he grew up in an active family without ever being overweight. However, his obsession with carbs and exercise led him to become addicted to diet and exercise. He admitted that he used to restrict his intake by consuming less than 500 calories daily and exercising after school.

During his body’s growth, Nick’s weight loss compromised his health.

How Nick Overcame Anorexia?

Initially, his disorder affected his mental health more than his physical health. Within a few hours, his body was slowly shutting down. When his parents discovered he was tired, overweight, and looking unhealthy, they took him to the doctor.

Upon confronting the doctors, he realized what he had been doing. Despite his slow recovery, he finally realized that he was harming himself. Then he ate exclusively to gain weight. He took a long time to regain his regular eating habits. As a result of the recovery process, he pursued a degree in nutrition and joined the military.

Facts that You Should Know Bare Nick

  • Despite focusing on strength over endurance, Nick ran a marathon in less than three hours. 
  • Additionally, he finished the “Leadville 100-mile Marathon”. The course descends  & climbs 15,600 feet. It took him 27 hours and 53 minutes to complete the race, well within the 30-hour limit.
  • He also had a reasonably promising YouTube career while in the army in Korea.
  • Also, Bare studied photography, videography, and social media marketing in the military.
  • Many of Bare’s awards have come from running competitions.

Nick’s 5 Famous Quotes from his Book “25 Hours a Day”

  1. I want to be the guy who stays calm while everyone else is losing theirs. Nick says
    A lot of entitlement stems from a sense of speed and velocity. Everyone thinks success is a short road, and money, fame, whatever you’re looking for, is always right around the corner. It can be tough to learn that that’s not how the world works. – NIck says
  2. Be proactive rather than reactive. You will never make it to number one if you are constantly following the footsteps of first, second, and third place. FOCUS ON BEING PROACTIVE. NOT REACTIVE. – NIck says
  3. Our minds have the ability to adapt the same way our muscles adapt and grow stronger due to repetitive stresses placed on them. – NIck says
  4. People will say, “Step out of your comfort zone and you will be successful.” It all sounds good, but in the end, no one knows how to put it to use because there’s no context. Going all-in is the context. NIck says
    Find the next challenge. Don’t avoid them, embrace them. See the struggle for what it is—an opportunity to grow, to create something amazing and fulfilling and kick-ass. Search those challenges out. Don’t avoid them. – NIck says
  5. Moreover, Test your limits. Find your wall. Train your mind to break through it. – NIck says

Find Bare Nick on Social Media

Nick uses social media platforms like YouTube with 918K subscribers, and Instagram. On Instagram, he is reachable at @nickbarefitness. Moreover, he has 883K Instagram followers.

Additionally, Nick’s Instagram account has been verified with a blue tick mark.

Further, his feed currently contains 1872 posts. Nick is also not very active on other social media platforms like FB and Twitter.

3 Tips Nick Bare Offers for a Finer Morning Routine

During a recent interview with Lewis Howes on “The School of Greatness” podcast, Nick shared three steps he takes every day to stay on top. Take these three practices consistently and see how they affect your work and life quality.

Here are these three simple actions that can optimize your morning routine. 

TIP #1: Get up Early

When you hear the alarm, what do you do? Are you a victim of the snooze button, jumping out of bed or digging deeper into your sheets?

Your day depends on this clearly negligible decision. Set the tone with your first choice. Mornings are often the only time people have to themselves.

Nick gets up at 5 AM. So early? The backward plan. His military training has helped him apply this concept consistently to his business and personal life.

TIP #2: Stay Active

Training can be difficult when life gets busy, even if you love to exercise.

Getting up early is great, but only if you maximize it. In fact, Bare shares experiences as a platoon leader in the military and as a father and entrepreneur. Having a productive life is necessary for him. So, this is why he trains early every day – disciplined action.

He gains better focus, natural energy, and a good mood by moving his body early in the morning.

TIP #3: Find Solidarity

There is no denying that life can be overwhelming. Managing stress properly is hard. Fortunately, Nick has found a remedy for these feelings.

With solitude, you can gain clarity on personal issues and better understand your life. In fact, Solitude is crucial for productivity, self-awareness, and stress management, yet many people ignore it.

Every day, Nick benefits from solitude. Besides, he enjoys tranquil moments every morning. 

Nick runs for solitude. Also, he steps off each morning to a still world and a rising sun. No music. No social media. He’s just breathing and thinking, unfiltered and authentic to his current experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nick Bare Net Worth

  • Can you tell me what the physical measurement of Bare is?

Bare is 5 ft 10 inches tall and weighs 63 kg. His eyes are blue with dark brown hair. 

  • How old is Nick Bare?

He is only 33 years old, a young millionaire.

  • Could you tell me what Nick’s relationship status is?

His girlfriend was YouTuber Stefany Banda, who was American. The couple engaged in 2018 and announced their marriage on social media in 2020.

  • Nick is best known for what?

He has become popular on YouTube as a bodybuilder. As a hybrid athlete and CEO, he shares his tricks and methods for staying popular with a viral video, My Morning Routine.

  • What is Nick Bare Net worth?

He has an estimated net worth of $15 million as an entrepreneur.

  • What are Nick’s core contents?

Nick shares fitness vlogs and educational videos. His vlogs share tips about daily and weekly routines and personal stuff.

  • Can you tell me about Bare Army life?

As an infantry officer, Bare joined the US Army after graduating and served for over 4 years. His military career ended in 2017.

Final Thoughts

In 1990, Nick was born in the United States as a famous Fitness Instructor. His YouTube channel has over 918K subscribers, and he has more than 883K Instagram followers.

In 2012, Nike became the CEO and fitness instructor at Bare Performance Nutrition. In addition, he served as a Platoon Leader and First Lieutenant in the U.S. military.

He is originally from Pennsylvania, but later moved to Austin, Texas. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2013.

In addition to advertisements on his YouTube videos, he has earned most of this through his popular YouTube channel. In conclusion, Bare’s net worth is $15 Million as of 2023.