How To Find Out If Someone Is Cheating On Facebook

Cheating in general is bad, and it’s getting worse when we’re provided with lots of platforms to use. Most people would say that Snapchat is that one platform that’s commonly used for cheating. But as you may know, cheating knows no boundaries, it can happen anywhere. So, how to find out if someone is cheating on Facebook?

Social media in general is a place where we can communicate to each other, whether to a person you know the person personally, or complete stranger. Other than those chatting apps, popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook also make it possible for anyone to chat with others.

And yes, it’s really possible for someone to cheat on Facebook by using the chatting and calling features the platform has. If you want to find out whether your partner is cheating on you on Facebook or not, see the explanation below!

Facebook Cheating Signs You Need to Be Aware Of

So, is Facebook cheating app? Well, of course, not. Like many other social media platform, Facebook does have a chatting feature, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a place where all you can do is cheating.

The problem here is the surely the user. If they want to cheat so much, anything will do. However, if you notice that your spouse starts acting strange when using Facebook, there might be an indication of cheating.

To make sure, check whether your spouse has these signs or not:

  • They try to always be active on Facebook, all of sudden;
  • They keep the conversations clean;
  • They won’t let you check their phones anymore;
  • They suddenly unfriend you;
  • They block you as well;
  • Out of ordinary, they have more than one account.

If you notice some of these Facebook cheating signs on your spouse, then there might be a chance that they’re cheating on you without your knowledge. So to clear things up, we have to take the next step here: looking for evidence.

Don’t imagine that to obtain evidence you have to work extra miles as a detective to decode anything that’s connected to your spouse. In these days, you can do it with pretty much ease thanks to the helpful tools that have been developed for this very purpose. So, whether they are cheating on Facebook Messenger or somewhere else, you can always track it.

How to Find Out if My Partner Is Cheating On Facebook

So, how to catch him cheating on Facebook? Well, there’s only one answer: the spy apps. These apps are the ones you need to catch him cheating, or at least to collect some evidence and satisfy your curiosity.

One of the best spy apps we’d like to recommend is Eyezy, a pack full spy app that has everything you need. It is one of the best keylogger iPhone and Adroid on the market. Aside from each of use, the tool may also grant you some benefits, such as:

  • Ability to monitor chats, messages, and calls;
  • Social media monitoring;
  • Location tracking, with geo-fencing;
  • App blocking;
  • Ability to work secretly, which is a must as it’s a spy app.

So if you’re still wondering about is my girlfriend cheating on Facebook, then what we’d like to suggest is find the answer right away by using Eyezy app. Once you find the evidence, you may finally understand what happens.

If you indeed found your spouse or partner is cheating, there’s something you need to do about it.

What Do I Do If My Partner is Facebook Cheating?

After finding out who is my wife messaging on Facebook, this is the next huge step you need to take. Taking action after understanding the facts and real answers is mandatory.

If you indeed found some evidence, deal with your emotions first. We know that there’s emotion raging inside when you found out about the truth. But, keep calm, and be close to the ones you love, be it a family member or a friend you trust the most.

Tell them about what happened, and listen to them. Afterward, you can talk with your spouse about it, and decide the next step for both of you. Ask for professional needs if needed.


Dealing with a cheating partner is sure hard. Some people couldn’t even fully recover from it. So hopefully, with our recommendations above, you may finally learn about the truth. We know that it won’t be easy, it never will. But hold onto it.