Drew Gooden Net Worth-Biography, Age, Height, Family

Drew Gooden is a US-based TV persona and humorist who is a young millionaire with a 3M$ Net worth. In just a few years he has achieved an astonishing number of fan following on YouTube. From a Vine publisher to a full-time YouTuber, the journey of his career seems exceptional. He is also lucky enough to achieve streamy awards which have increased a lot in his fame and popularity.

Net Worth of Drew Gooden 2022:

As of 2022 and the resources available on google, it is mentioned that he has a net of about 3.04M$. This Net worth comes from multiple income streams. Most of my income however generates from YouTube and comedy vocation. He also makes a percentage of his net worth from films and movies. The monthly, year and weekly or per video salary of Drew Gooden are not yet revealed. Some of the unreliable resources however mention his salary as 706K$.

The contour of Drew Gooden:

Forename Drew Gooden
Net Income  $3.04M
Annual salary  $760.42 thousand
Profession  Comedian, Filmmaker, YouTuber
Gender Male
Horoscope  Scorpio
Age 28

Early Life and Biography of Drew Gooden:

The hot-looking comedian and YouTuber Drew Gooden was born in 1993 and is of 28 years old as of now. He belongs of American nationality. The father’s name and mother’s name Drew Gooden are not mentioned yet. Likewise, it is not known to the media how many siblings he has. As his academic life and Childhood information are considered, it is not preferred to post them publicly.  It is mentioned however in media that he was attentive in sporty and castoff to show baseball. Physically, Drew Gooden has an attractive and charismatic face with a charming smile which makes him a centre of attraction where ever he goes.

Biography Table of Drew Gooden:

Birth Name:  Drew Gooden
Nickname:   Drew
Date Of Confinement 26/10/1993
Homeland: US
Age: 28 years old
Mother’s name: Under review
Father’s name: Under Review
Siblings: Under review
Education: Under review
Nationality: American
Dogma:  Christianity
Horoscope: Scorpio
Height: 5 Feet 9 inches
Weight: 74kg
Hair Dye: Brown
Eyes Gloominess: Blue
Sensual Orientation: Straight
Matrimonial status Married
Connection: yes
Girlfriends No
Children: No
Wife Amanda
Awards Streamy Award for Commentary
Net Worth:  $3.04M

Career development of Drew Gooden:

The career of Drew Gooden began as a Vine publisher. Vine’s platform gave him a lot of boosts, so he started YouTube as soon as Vine stopped. YouTube became a major source of his income stream and he started working as a you-tuber Full-time. He uses a high-quality camera of Panasonic to film high-quality HD videos. Apart from this, he also appears in comedy shows and films.

Here are the specifics of his YouTube Channel.

Channel Name Drew Gooden
Subscribers 3M
Niche Comedy
Views 6M
Monetized Yes
status Active

Personal Life of Drew Gooden:

The famous YouTube persona and comedian is officially married to Amanda Murphy. The event of how they encountered each other is dramatic and romantic. When Drew Gooden used to post videos on Vine that’s where she commented on his video. This short-term conversation grew to be a long-term and life-long relationship. In 2016, they got engaged and got wedded afterwards in 2019.

Apart from this marriage, no other relationship with him has yet been mentioned in the news.

House and Cars of Drew Gooden:

There is no information available on media resources for his house and cars.

Real estate of Drew Gooden:

No news has been updated about the real estate assets of Drew Gooden.

Favourite Things of Drew Gooden:

Luckily, Drew Gooden’s favourite things are mentioned and public. Here are the details:

Favourite colour Blue
Favourite animal Pets any
Favourite actors Robert, JR
Favourite sports Football
Favourite Food Shrimp and grits
Favourite place Maldives
Favourite Actresses Emma stone
Favourite sportsman Robert


Q: Who is the better half of Drew Gooden?

A: Amanda Murphy is the better half of Drew Gooden.

Q: How did Drew Gooden encounter his spouse?

A: Drew Gooden encountered her wife for the first time on the vine. The story began when she commented on his video.

Q: Are Amanda and Drew divorced?

A: No, Amanda and Drew are not divorced and are living contentedly with one another.

Interesting facts about Drew Gooden:

  1. Drew Gooden has a Job which he describes as “the things he is currently doing” that does feel like a job.
  2. He is planning about creating a podcast with his wife.
  3. The first video on Vine that he created was in 2014.
  4. Drew has 3 M followers on YouTube but he has a goal to achieve one billion followers on YouTube.
  5. Panasonic Lumix is the favourite camera that he uses to film videos on YouTube.
  6. Drew Gooden is not strictly vegetarian.

Awards & Achievements of Drew Gooden:

Drew Gooden is a popular TV persona with a lot of Awards and achievements. Apart from YouTube Creators he also owns other awards. The details of the holds he holds are as follows:

Awards Years
Best streamy awards 2016
Best streamy awards 2021
YouTube Silver Button 2017
YouTube golden button 2018