Diving In The World Of Finger Boarding

Are you ready to venture on the exciting journey of fingerboarding? If yes, then you’re scrolling through the right page. Imagine a world where you can perform gravity-defying tricks and stunts with just the tips of your fingers. Fingerboarding is a miniature sport that combines skill, creativity, and precision. In fact, tiny skateboards become your tools of expression, and everyday objects transform into your skate parks. As you dive into this mesmerizing world, you’ll discover the intricate fingerboard setups, meet passionate enthusiasts, and explore the limitless possibilities of this unique pastime. So, let’s learn about fingerboarding to show your inner fingerboard champion and learn about custom fingerboards.

Get to experience the thrill like never before!

What is Fingerboarding?

Fingerboarding is a replica of a skateboard that is played with the use of fingers. It is an indoor sport and is often considered as the mini version of skateboard. The only difference is that the custom fingerboard is ridden with fingers. One can enjoy leisure time at home or compete in events using various tricks.

Many finger-boarding enthusiasts might not be aware of this, but every year, several finger-boarding competitions take place across the globe. It is even included in the Olympic games, which helps give fingerboarders a platform to showcase their skills and convert into a full-fledged sport.

One of the fascinating attributes of finger-boarding is that most people can customize fingerboards and play tricks. So customize your fingerboard by creating fancy decks or decorating its wheels. But before jumping onto embellishing your tiny board, let’s talk about the central element of a fingerboard.

What are the main Components of a Fingerboard?


A truck is a metal part that includes wheels and frames. These are attached to the bottom of a fingerboard deck to make it move. You must select the premium fingerboard truck as they’re made with top-notch material. High-quality material includes high-grade aluminum and stainless steel, ensuring durability and smooth movement.


The premium fingerboard deck is the main body of the fingerboard, typically made from wood or plastic. It’s where you place your fingers to perform tricks.


These tiny wheels are attached to the trucks and support the fingerboard to roll. Premium fingerboard wheels are high-quality miniature wheels designed for the adventurous and exceptional performance of the fingerboard.

How to Assemble a Fingerboard?

Follow these steps to assemble the fingerboard for your next tricks.

Gather Your Components

For assembling a fingerboard, you will require a fingerboard deck, Fingerboard trucks (a set of two), Fingerboard wheels (a group of four), grip tape, and a small screwdriver. Gather all components to assemble a fingerboard.

Apply Grip Tape

Carefully apply the grip tape to the fingerboard deck’s top, ensuring it covers the entire top surface. Use your fingers to press it down firmly, ensuring it clings smoothly without any wrinkles.

Trim Excess Grip Tape

Trim the excess grip tape around the edges of the deck. Be careful while doing this to create clean edges and avoid damaging the grip tape.

Attach Trucks

Flip the fingerboard deck over so the grip tape side faces down. Take one of the fingerboard trucks and align it with the holes on the deck, ensuring the truck’s round part fits easily into the hole.

Install Wheels

Assemble the wheels and make sure they spin freely and smoothly. You can adjust the tightness of the wheels by gently tightening or loosening the nuts on the axles with your fingers. The tightness level will affect the fingerboard’s performance, so adjust it accordingly.

Fine-Tune Your Fingerboard

Before you start riding your fingerboard, adjust the tightness of the trucks according to your comfort. Experiment with different settings to find what suits your style best.

Test and Enjoy

With your fingerboard fully assembled and fine-tuned, it’s time to experience the adventure by hitting the ramps, rails, and obstacles.

In a Nutshell

Fingerboarding is a fascinating sport that can be played indoors. It can also be played at a huge level. However, many fingerboarders are unaware that it provides a platform for performing it on a higher level. You can also custom fingerboards according to your choice and preferences easily.