Dangers Presented By Teen Drivers 

Most teenage drivers think that getting a driving license means independence and freedom to do whatever they like. But getting behind the steering wheel comes with great risks and responsibilities. Most of the teenagers end up in a car accident because of their lack of experience and skill. 

According to research, the age group with the highest accident rate is teenagers aged 18 or 19. As a parent, you might be worried about giving a vehicle in the hands of your teen child and concerned about their safety. If your child was injured in an accident, contact a Jonesboro personal injury lawyer today. 

Risk factors of teen drivers

  • Using a cell phone. 

One of the major causes of road distraction among all age groups is the usage of cell phones while driving. Driving and texting simultaneously is a significant distraction and increases the risk of getting involved in a road accident. If you are a parent and care for your teen’s safety, it is important for you to talk to them about the risks of using a phone while driving. Lead them by your own example and experience to ensure better safety. 

  • Inexperienced driving. 

Certain travel routes can be challenging, even for the most experienced drivers. For inexperienced drivers like teenagers, the situation becomes even worse. As a parent, encourage your teen to drive on a safer road and avoid heavy traffic ways. Ask them to drive at the times when traffic is lighter until they grow up and get more experience. 

  •  Speeding.

Not following speed limit signs is one of the top causes of road accidents. For teenagers who have less driving experience, it becomes more difficult to hold their vehicle’s control at a high speed. It is highly encouraged to talk to them about the risks and consequences of overspeeding as it helps to reduce the risk of any road accidents. 

  • Not wearing a seatbelt. 

Research shows that drivers with the lowest rate of seatbelt use are teenagers. They do not take the rule of wearing seatbelts seriously and end up with life-threatening injuries in an accident. More than half of the road fatalities are due to a lack of safety measures by young drivers. Wearing a seatbelt will not avoid any potential accident; however, it will increase your child’s safety and minimize the chances of any fatal injury when involved in a car accident. 

There is nothing worse than watching your child suffer because they were reckless while driving their vehicle. If your teenager was involved in a car accident, hire an attorney today. 

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