Bernie Sanders Net Worth – Marriage and Divorce – Top Secret

Is Bernie Sanders’ net worth a mystery to you? After spending decades in politics, how much does Bernie Sanders have? Get to know how the socialist built his wealth. Among democratic socialists, Bernie Sanders is a political icon. He is an independent senator from Vermont. Senator Bernie Sanders is ranked 67th in the Senate.

Bernie Sanders net worth is $3 million in 2023. But what about how he makes millions? Moreover, what about how he spends them? Get to know about his assets and investments. Keep reading our blog to know everything about him.

Key Facts About Bernie Sanders Net Worth

  • From 1981 to 1989, Sanders served as mayor of Burlington, Vermont.
  • From 1991 to 2007, he served in the United States House of Representatives
  • Further, he worked as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016 and
  • In 2016, he wrote a best-selling book titled “Our Revolution.”
  • A few of Bernie Sanders books include: Where We Go from Here (2018), Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution (2017), The Speech: A Historic Filibuster on Corporate Greed and the Decline of Our Middle Class (2011)
  • In addition to socialist and anti-war views, Sanders is an LGBTQ+ ally and proponent of better health care.
  • Many rivals criticized Bernie Sanders and ran a Bernie Sanders I am once again meme.

Quick Info About Bernie Sanders

Full NameBernie Sanders
Height1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Salary$174 Thousand
Date of BirthSep 8, 1941
Bernie Sanders Age82 years old
Father nameElias
Mother nameDorothy
First Wife nameDeborah Shiling (1966)
Second wifeJean O’Meara Driscoll
SonSusan Mott
Number of Grandchildrenseven
NationalityUnited States of America
Place of BirthBrooklyn
ProfessionPolitician, Researcher, Writer, Carpenter, Film Director
Net Worth$3 Million

He has also run for the presidency several times. In 2018, Bernie disclosed his most recent financial information. He said he had a net worth of $1.7 million, primarily derived from royalties and book advances.

The following sections detail Bernie’s tax returns showing $4.7 million between 2009 and 2018. Despite having mortgages on all three properties, he and his wife own nearly $1.8 million of real estate.

Who Is Bernie Sanders? – Briefly Explained Bernie’s Biography

As mayor of Burlington, Vermont, he began his political career in 1981. Over the course of eight years, he served as mayor. Sanders became known for advocating 

  • Affordable housing, 
  • Environmental protection, and
  • Civil rights. 

During the 1990 election, Sanders was elected independently to the U.S. House of Representatives. He was a member of the House for 16 years. He advocated for struggling Americans.

Further, he opposed money’s influence on politics during that time. Since 2006, Bernie Sanders has served in the U.S Senate. Since then, he has worked on progressive issues such as free college education, universal healthcare, and a $15 min wage. Bernie often criticized Trump’s administration in his speeches. Two times Sanders has run for president – in 2016 and 2020. 

A large number of progressives followed him. As a result, the Democratic Party has adopted more progressive policies. Despite not winning in either race, Sanders contributed significantly to American politics. In fact, he inspired a new generation of progressives.

Where and How Did Bernie Sanders Spend his Early Life?

Bernie Sanders Lifestyle

On September 8, 1941, Bernard “Bernie” was born in Brooklyn, NYC. In 1921, he immigrated from Austria-Hungary with his father, Elias. He worked as a paint salesman. His mother Dorothy was born in New York City. Sanders grew up as a Jew. Bernie Sanders age is 82 years.

At James Madison High School, he served as track captain. Although he tried hard, he could not become the student body president. After attending Brooklyn College, Bernie transferred to Chicago University. Also, he graduated with a political science bachelor’s degree in 1964. Bernie lost his mother at 46. Further, his father passed away a few years later. 

When Sanders was living in Chicago, he actively participated in political activism. Bernie worked as an activist in racial equality movements. Upon joining the Young People’s Socialist League, he became a socialist.

His university’s segregated campus housing policy led him to participate in numerous rallies and sit-ins. He attended Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington in March 1963. Additionally, Sanders actively participated in antiwar and peace movements in college. 

What is Bernie Sanders Net Worth?

Bernie Sanders Wealth Graph

CelebrityNetWorth estimates Bernie Sanders net worth at $3 million in 2023. Bernie has same net worth as of another American political commentator Ana Navarro’s Net Worth. It’s considerably less than the current president (whose net worth stands at an astounding $9 million). Despite this, he has served as a liberal democratic socialist for a long time. He has held several jobs. What did Sanders do to make his millions? 

What is Bernie Sanders’ Salary? Updated Net Worth

Celebrity net worth reports Sanders’ 2016 earnings were $1 million, of which $795,000 came from a book advance. He earned a modest salary from the Senate, around $174,000 in 2016. In 2016, his net worth reached $2 million from other investments and holdings. 

Bernie’s Career Path and Accomplishments

After graduating from college, Sanders moved to Stannard, Vermont, in 1968. He continued to write for alternative publications such as The Vermont Freeman. In 1972 and 1974, he ran unsuccessfully for governor of Vermont and U.S. senator for the Liberty Union. In 1974, he ranked third. 

Finally, he achieved political success by running for mayor of Burlington, Vermont. Therefore, he won by a margin of twelve votes. Bernie was re-elected three times during his term as mayor (1981-1989). It became well-known that he was outspoken and self-described as a socialist. 

Bernie served in the House until 2007, when he was elected Senator of Vermont. Moreover, the senator led the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs in 2013, passing legislation to improve veterans’ healthcare. He also served on the board.

  • Environment and Public Works Committee.
  • Budget Committee and
  • Health, Labor, Education, and Pensions Committee.

His outspoken views on the middle class, the wealthy top 1%, and war have become familiar to many Americans. Furthermore, Sanders has long been a self-described democratic socialist.

“I think [democratic socialism] means the government has got to play a very important role in making sure that as a right of citizenship, all of our people have health care; that as a right, all of our kids — regardless of income — have quality childcare; are able to go to college without going deeply into debt; that it means we do not allow large corporations and moneyed interests to destroy our environment; that we create a government in which it is not dominated by big-money interests,” Sanders said “I mean, to me, it means democracy, frankly. That’s all it means.”

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Who is Bernie Sanders Wife? Jane O’Meara Sanders or Deborah Shiling?

Jean O’Meara Sanders is Senator Bernie Sanders wife and the “right arm” in every elections. They both married in 1988 and She’s Bernie’s second wife. He is the stepfather of Jean’s three children. They are Carina, Dave, and Heather. In addition, Bernie has seven grandchildren. He has published six books, including a speech he gave during his famous filibuster.

In 1964, Sanders married Deborah Shiling but unfortunately their marriage could last 2 years and in 1966 they both separated. She was her college friend. Susan Mott is his only child.

Bernie’s Real Estate Investments

Sander's New real-estate investment

Jane & Bernie own three homes. The couple purchased a four-bedroom house in Chittenden County. That was situated in Vermont and cost $405,000 in 2009. Their mortgage was $324,000 from Federal Congressional Credit Union. Zillow indicates that their home has four bedrooms and 2,300 square feet. Currently, it is valued at approximately $440,000.

They purchased a townhouse for $488,999 in Washington, D.C., in 2007. Recently, a similar home sold for at least $800,000, according to Zillow. Further, that estimates this home’s value at $685,000.

In Vermont, they spent $575,000. on their vacation house on Lake Champlain. A previous listing for the property was $775,000. This log cabin-style home covers 1.1 acres. CNBC estimates that they currently have a mortgage of $250,000 to $500,000.
In this sense, his three homes are his most valuable assets.

Bernie Sanders Books

He makes most of his money through book sales and deals. Over the course of three years, Sanders published three bestselling books:

  1. Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution
  2. Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In
  3. Where We Go From Here: Two Years in the Resistance.

His book royalties in 2016 and 2017 totaled $850,000. According to CNBC, they earned over $390,000 in 2018.

In addition, Sanders earns a Senate salary of $174,000 a year. Forbes reports that he entitled to two pensions,

  • One from the federal government and
  • Another from the city of Burlington.

U.S. House of Representatives – Bernie Sanders 

As an independent, the political underdog won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1990. Outspoken criticism of both parties alienated him in the early days of his House tenure. In addition to voting for banking reform, he also advocated for it. Besides, he criticized politicians who sided with the wealthy.

In 2001, Bernie vehemently opposed the Patriot Act and the Iraq war.

In 2005, Rolling Stone called Bernie the “amendment king.” This was because he passed the most amendments compared to any other congressman since 1995. Sanders served as a representative for sixteen years until 2007.

Bernie Sanders Political Views & Senator Career

In April 2005, Sanders entered the U.S. Senate race when Jim Jeffords announced he would not seek reelection. He also had the support of Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Howard Dean, and Harry Reid, the Senate Minority Leader. In 2012 and 2018, he was re-elected with seventy percent of the vote. Further, he defeated Rich Tarrant, who had spent $7 million on his campaign.

Bernie has supported many bills. In 2013, he sponsored the Veterans Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act, a bill that became law.

His vote against The Wall Street Bailout, better known as TARA, was in 2008 and 2009. Sanders famously filibustered George Bush’s Tax Relief Act of 2010, intended to reduce taxes for the wealthy. Further, he voted in favor of the DREAM Act of 2010, aimed at granting citizenship to illegal minors.

As a fierce advocate for healthcare for all, he added an $11 billion provision to the Affordable Care Act in 2009. As a result of the House’s repeal and replacement vote in 2017, he cosponsored many bills

  • A single-payer health care plan,
  • The Medicare for All bill,
  • As well as 15 other Senate cosponsors.

Additionally, Bernie has introduced and sponsored bills to increase the minimum wage and support a living wage. As a liberal, he supports abortion rights and opposes the death penalty. He has publicly opposed and criticized the Trump administration. 

Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign 2016 

The 2016 election brought controversy to Sanders. He was the Democratic nominee. 

He also addressed other hot topics, such as the wealthy, as a self-professed democratic socialist. Sanders wrote some controversial remarks about the wealthy in an op-ed for CNN in 2016.

“They want more, more and more — no matter what impact their efforts have on working people, the elderly, children, the sick and the poor,” Sanders wrote. “Greed is their religion.” 

The Washington Post reports that over 2 million voters under 30 supported Sanders’ many causes in the primary and primaries. In his campaign, he promoted issues such as

  • LGBTQ rights,
  • Environmental protection,
  • Free college tuition,
  • Fairer taxes, and
  • Sensible drug policies are part of his platform. 

Sanders continuously fights for these policies despite losing his seat. His candidacy for the Democratic nomination was won by Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders Released Taxes Details for Campaign

An article in Forbes described Sanders’ tax returns during his presidential race in 2016. 

Sanders’ Social Security deductions were criticized. Some saw them as hypocritical. Since he only paid taxes on 85% of the wealthy’s income in 2016. 

Sanders released ten years of tax returns on April 15th, 2019, confirming his millionaire status.

In spite of that, Sanders’ taxes seem clear and normal. Further, it was certainly a positive sign, given his previous scrutiny of corporate and CEO taxes.

Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign 2020 

After Sanders’ surprise 2016 campaign, many policy proposals gained mainstream acceptance. Therefore, Sanders was viewed as the clear choice when the 2020 Democratic primary was discussed. As a public figure, he was involved in a variety of causes, including advocating for a minimum wage.

Sanders announced in February 2019 that he would become a Democratic candidate for president. In addition to healthcare, environmental reforms, etc., he carried much of his 2016 platform into his 2020 campaign.

In a New York Times interview, Sanders said,

“I wrote a best-selling book. If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too.”

A year after Sanders raked in small donations, the Iowa caucuses finally happened on February 3, 2020. Vote counting had major problems due to the app malfunctioned. This causes a delay in the caucus. Eventually, partial results showed Sanders winning the popular vote. But in a close race for delegates against Pete Buttigieg. In the majority of the votes counted, Sanders still led in total votes. And he was gaining delegates over Buttigieg. Yet, DNC Chairman Tom Perez abruptly reinstituted the poll.

The Controversy

In his career, the senator is controversial. 

Leaked emails from the DNC (Democratic National Convention) during the 2016 campaign. Several members of the party expressed support for Clinton over Sanders. 

Despite this, NPR reports that Sanders’ support grew.

He has occasionally sparked controversy through Twitter, the new facilitator of such debates. He attacked Jeff Bezos earlier this year. In addition, Bezos was accused of participating in a “rigged economy” by the socialist-leaning senator. 

“I remain deeply concerned about Amazon, an enormously profitable corporation, paying workers wages that are so low that they are forced to depend on federal programs like Medicaid, food stamps and public housing for survival,” Bernie Sanders said.

Further, “At a time of exploding profits, I would hope that Amazon would pay everyone who works in your fulfillment centers a living wage.”

In support of striking workers, the senator tweeted on Amazon Prime Day. 

In addition to his feud with billionaires, Sanders has received criticism on several other issues. It included his debate appearance at the 2017 Women’s Convention. Many attendees wanted to be more satisfied with the senator’s appearance on stage. One such individual was Lily Herman, who expressed her disappointment on Refinery29.

“This event is literally called the ‘Women’s Convention,” wrote Herman in an article for Refinery29.

“So it’d be nice to see, you know, women in the spotlight.”

According to her, “Bernie Sanders headlining yet another major liberally-skewed event makes me say something I’ve mentioned a million times before: There are grave issues if your entire movement is centered around a single person.”

Vox notes that others were not offended by his appearance, stating he embodied the ideals of the Women’s Convention. 

Bernie Sanders Income History

  • According to Bernie’s 2015 financial disclosure, he and his wife owned $750,000 in assets. Their total income typically ranges from $250k to $300k per year.
  • After publishing “Our Revolution” in 2016, Bernie’s income skyrocketed. Bernie’s 2016 and 2017 earnings exceeded $1 million.
  • The couple earned roughly $800,000 per year from books & royalties.
  • After his book earnings dropped to $393,000, their gross income was $561,000 in 2018.
  • His salary as Burlington’s mayor between 1981 and 1989 was $33,700.
  • Between $90,000 and $140,000 was Bernie’s annual salary during his time as a Congressman.
  • Starting in 2005, he earned $174,000 per year as a US Senator. 
  • Bernie estimated his net worth to be $2 million in June 2017. 

He released his tax returns from 2010 during his presidential campaign in 2020. The combined income of Bernie Sanders and Jane Sanders is as follows:

  • $314,742 in 2009
  • $321,592 in 2010
  • $324,870 in 2011
  • $280,954 in 2012
  • $279,724 in 2013
  • $205,617 in 2014
  • $240,610 in 2015
  • $1,062,626 in 2016
  • $1,150,891 in 2017
  • $561,293 in 2018

The total is $4,742,919

Is Bernie Sanders’ Money Well Spent? 

He spent money on his luxurious life. The senator has long criticized the top 1%, but in 2016 he spent $600,000 on a beach house on Vermont’s Lake Champlain Islands. In addition, several other purchases he made, including a jacket, attracted some controversy.

As a result, Newsweek ran a headline stating, “Socialist Bernie Sanders wears a $700 jacket while complaining about rich people.”. 

Sanders’ spending habits are meek compared to stars like Tiger Woods and Ronaldo. 

According to CBS, Sanders and his wife donated charity around $8,350. According to Politico, Sanders and his wife Jane have a 30-year mortgage on a condo in Washington, D.C. 

Top Bernie Sanders Quotes

  1. “There is far too little discussion in Washington about the collapse of the middle class, almost no discussion at all about the incredible income inequality and wealth inequality in this country, and the fact that we’re moving toward an oligarch form of society.” ~ Bernie Sanders
  2. “We are rapidly moving toward a nation of the super-rich, by the super-rich and for the super-rich.” ~ Bernie Sanders
  3. “Election days come and go. But the struggle of the people to create a government which represents all of us and not just the one percent – a government based on the principles of economic, social, racial and environmental justice – that struggle continues.” ~ Bernie Sanders
  4. “Democratic socialism means that we must reform a political system that is corrupt, that we must create an economy that works for all, not just the very wealthy.” ~  Bernie Sanders
  5. “Good environmental policy is good economic policy.” ~ Bernie Sanders
  6. “Every day, we are paying more for energy than we should due to poor insulation, inefficient lights, appliances, and heating and cooling equipment – money we could save by investing in energy efficiency.” ~  Bernie Sanders
  7. “Whether you are a low-income elderly woman living at the end of a dirt road in Vermont or a wealthy CEO living on Park Avenue, you get your mail six days a week. And you pay for this service at a cost far less than anywhere else in the industrialised world.” ~ Bernie Sanders
  8. “I am a socialist; of course, I am a socialist. To hold a vision that society can be fundamentally different, to believe that all people can be equal – that is not a new idea.” ~ Bernie Sanders

Below is his YouTube channel which you can follow to listen him.

Bernie Sanders’ Now a Days

Despite undergoing a heart procedure in late 2019, the 82-year-old shows no signs of slowing down. Sanders may focus on securing the nomination for the next presidential election in his current position as a senator. Politico reports that Sanders has recently lost many of his fellow democrats he had supported in 2020. 

Last year, senator-approved Omaha mayor and Montana House candidates lost their races. Unluckily, more of them lost in Kansas primaries and Michigan governor’s races. Sanders’ recent losses might bring into question the strength of his platform if he runs for president in 2024. 

Despite this, Sanders remains optimistic.

Although Newsweek claims Sanders and Biden were the top picks for the 2020 election, recent polls suggest otherwise. Newsweek estimates Sanders’ approval rating at 48%. According to a Rasmussen poll conducted in July 2022, 83% of Democrats want a younger presidential candidate in 2024. It could be bad news for Biden and Sanders, both of whom are aged 75 or older.

What Bernie Sanders Can Teach Us About Politics?

After learning about Bernie Sanders family net worth and his success, let’s look at some of the best lessons we can take away from him:

  • Firstly, Take A Look At Our Future 

It is important to plan for the future. It’s not only a problem for the future; it’s also a problem now. 

  • Secondly, Justice 

Our strength lies in our unity. It is important to uphold justice. Together, men and women can win. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Age Of Bernie Sanders?

The former presidential candidate was born on September 8, 1941, currently aged 82.

What Is Bernie Sanders’ Net Worth?

Bernie Sanders’s net worth 2023 is estimated at $3 Million.

What Is The Height Of Bernie Sanders?

The height of Bernie Sanders is 1.83 meters, or 6 feet 0 inches.

Does Bernie Sanders Come From A Wealthy Family?

No. Sanders did not come from a wealthy family. His family basically immigrated to the United States. They were from Poland as a working-class Jewish family.

What Is The State Of Bernie Sanders’ Finances?

Bernie Sanders is still strong. Bernie has long admired. Communist ideals, which would cause everyone to go broke. Further, Bernie Sanders meme in which he is pictured on his hands and knees asking for donations to the Democratic Party shows he is not broke.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, According to Forbes, Bernie Sanders’ net worth is approximately $3 million as of April 2023. 

Having served as a Senator in the United States from Vermont since 2007, Bernie Sanders is a successful politician. His income is derived from a book he published in 2016 and other very successful books. 

Despite Sanders’s substantial wealth, he is not a billionaire by the standards of Congress. Sanders’ wealth doesn’t even make the top 100 most wealthy lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Through book sales and investments, he has amassed wealth. Despite this, he still has a modest net worth compared to other celebrities. Despite his wealth, Sanders has continued to fight for policies he believes in. Besides, his policies include reducing economic inequality and benefiting working-class Americans.