6 external Factors responsible for the ill health of men

Medical records state that there is a profound threat to men’s health now, and the threat will increase day by day. After listening to these facts and notes, some experts started blaming the victims only for their miseries, while other experts started blaming things that are not in our hands, like global warming and climate change for the sufferings. However, this is something, which is an old practice of society, running for over centuries.

Whenever alarming conditions come before, society tries to turn down their responsibility and to do that, they blame either the victims or the unforeseen situations, stating we have nothing to do with that. Yes, there are many things men can do to keep themselves fit, but by stating, the effect, society entrusted on them cannot be discarded. So today, we will talk about such 6 external agents that influence ill-health in men and enforcing them to take Cenforce 200 mg, or similar drugs. 

The rat race

Many so-called experts blame men for their participation in the rat race, but the question here is – do men participate in the race on their own? There lies the family in the immediate background of this participation, but the society stands at the end with the world leaders as influencers. How all these things are happening? 

A few decades ago, there were jobs of clerks and labourers only. At the top of them, few managers stayed to direct the business of the owners. World leaders or the influencers of the global market have changed the entire practice in the last two decades. They started abolishing the clerks from the job designations and they put the same in the job description of the business developers only. 

Hence, now there are business developers and project managers only as good jobs and all the clerks are treated as skilled labourers and nothing else. Hence, remaining such skilled laborers will not make proper careers and the family members will not so tenacity towards such jobs. Hence, the job that remains is of business developer.

 A business developer, although doing the job is earning business for the company and raising business is always a rat race. So, who has entrusted men to the rat race? Have they done it on their own? Is not the society alone responsible for it? Now after all these, if men go through stress and disorders, where they take Vidalista 60 mg, which is responsible for that?

Job timing and environment

Coming to the insight view of the rat race, what is the job timing for all the developers? Is there a fixed time of lunch for all the employees? No, there is not. Only the managers and the contractual have that, but the developers, who are striving hard to fix their careers have no fixed timing of lunch. The result is they have lunch at such a time, which essentially creates digestive issues and later on, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disorders and sexual disorders where Fildena 100 mg becomes the solution. So, who will take the responsibility here? 

Again with the environment, jobs now fix business achieving targets and fixes endless prizes for the achievers, including foreign trips and gala parties, but what about regular life? Parties and trips are only for 10 days a year, what about the rest? Is there a fixed time for the shutdown of offices and workplaces? Is it strict to that? Is the business seekers concerned about that? No, not at all – employees strive hard for 12-14 hours even in prestigious jobs and end their lives as ill men. 

Societal culture

Society praises them the most and follows them the most that are emphasized by the word leaders. Who are the world leaders emphasizing? They are emphasizing business developers who are striving hard to make out businesses that make them world leaders on a regular basis. And on the expert level, the emphasis is on the movie stars, the sports stars. Where is the emphasis on the philosophers, and novelists, who make society learn the art of living? Who will the society follow then – the philosopher or the business developers? 

Society will follow the developers who participate in the rat race and face illness right from their 30s. This is what happening in society now. Now, you will decide whom to blame. 

Work culture

Next is the work culture or project-making at a short debenture of time. The result of that is – that men go for late-night work to complete the projects and submit the same next day. The world is running fast, and that is the reason for the speed. However, the fact is that these leaders put traffic guides such as Speed Kills, Safe Drive etc. Excess speed often leads to accidents, and humanity is on the course of a massive accident to lose its ground forever and the pace is alone responsible for that. Behind the pace, there is the greed for wealth and power, nothing else. 

Societal education

Humans are not rats at birth. To make them rat and make them participate in the rat race, there has to be some training of course. The training comes from the school itself. Sense of career building, sense of money-making, sense of becoming skilled labour, sense of developing business for the elites – all these make the philosophy entrusted by teachers to students now. The entire society is too busy to end the human race – isn’t it? 

Family culture

What the king says, the teachers say so, and the parents repeat the same. The global leaders are the kings these days. The teachers follow their preaching, and the parents dream of getting hold of such preaching. The result of all these is the participation of men in the rat race and continuing drugs from Powpills.