5 Signs Your Partner Cheating On Facebook – Signs Of Cheating

Have you observed their distracting nature lately? Does your partner get irritated with your demands and questions? Occasional quarrels are expected in any relationship and especially when you are living under the same roof of marriage, but when they become the norm, it very obviously hints at trouble.   

People have turned to help like Android Spy Software sometimes.

Why do Partners Cheat?

Nobody in their normal frame of mind would want to imagine their partner cheating on them. Why would you? Everything seems to be going to be good. Then, why ruin it? Right? It would be stupid to cast a shadow for no reason.

But it would be stupid to just plain ignore the possibility of it happening to you because why would it happen to you? Well, many partners routinely keep getting the shock of their lives when they decide to face the truth.

Now you may be thinking, if everything seems perfect in the relationship, then why would anyone cheat? Well, there are wide-ranging reasons depending on the person’s personality and history. 

Let’s go through some of the reasons or triggers that can cause someone to break their partner’s trust.

1. Genes

As absurd as it may seem to some people, cheating can be a genetic trait. Inheritance of the DRD4 gene from their parent who may have engaged in cheating too is a very real possibility. 

They might have just accepted cheating as a way of life because of this. It happened to their parents, and they just accepted it would happen to them. Unknowingly, it becomes a part of their behavior.

2. Fighting

Often as a reaction to tense situations, regular arguments or fighting with their partner causes the other to lose their patience with the relationship. When you can’t seem to come to a logical common conclusion or consensus on any topic of discussion between the two, it can cause the other to go astray.

If they can’t find common ground or their moments of happiness currently, their mind will quite a likely attempt to find a person who will agree with them. The urge to feel the way they used to before with you kicks in, and they go searching to find the way to feel that way again, and if you don’t react positively, then they may resort to cheating with a person who does what they want.

3. Age Milestones

Experts have pointed out age milestones for major behavioral and lifestyle changes in people. There are good reasons for it. The person is getting older, and one tends to get reflective on their life every time it happens.

People, when they become 9-er, as they are called when they become a part of the 29 to 59 age group, are the biggest example of this case. There are some very obvious reasons. The person has spent 3 decades of his life and starts to feel comparatively a little old. 

If they feel they didn’t enjoy life as much as they should have, then cheating seems to be their next step. It is often done as a means of finding cheap thrills in their lives and adding the fun they feel is missing in their routine. In these cases, Facebook Spy Software is also used to confirm these suspicions about your partner.

4. Cheated Before

This a tricky scenario as it also depends on the reasons for them cheating before meeting you and in the previous relationships. If they were in a relationship that wasn’t working despite their best efforts, then it is understandable, as ending a relationship is not easy for some people, despite how toxic it may be.

On the other hand, though, if it is a continuous pattern, then it could be likely that this is who they are, or they tend to get away with it. Various surveys point out that almost half of the cheating partners have done that before too.

Maybe you could look into their dating or romantic history and find their history of loyalty in the past.

5. Commitment Phobic

Intimacy and getting attached are some of the words that are downright scary to many individuals in this world. ‘Commitment Phobic’ as they are commonly called visibly will show being detested and extremely appalled by these notions of being in any way even remotely committed to a relationship.

These are warning signs for anyone who hopes to build a lasting and loving relationship. They don’t feel the attachment bond that becomes the glue to hold any cordial relationship together. 

It plays out in their head in two ways. Either they feel their partner doesn’t love them enough, and as a result, they look for instant gratification with some other person.

They could have what some relationship experts call ‘avoidant attachment’ in which the person avoids getting close to their partner. The Long-term relationship looks like a trap in their mind. This detachment gives them an excuse to cheat on their partner.

Signs of Using Facebook to Cheat on You

Facebook is the biggest social media app, and more than a billion people use it for personal or professional reasons or both. If you are having nagging doubts about your partner cheating on you, then a social media giant like Facebook could a tool they might be using for it.

Keep reading to see if your partner showcases some of these signs

1. They are constantly on Facebook

If you continue to sit with your partner for a long time and your efforts in trying to have a conversation with them are ignored continuously, then these could be warning signs. People obviously use Facebook for professional reasons; maybe this could be one reason for his continuous use of the site.

Though, maybe not all of his activities make sense to you and even start troubling you with the way he reacts. Your innocent attempt at looking at his Facebook may have backfired, and they may have reacted very extremely and negatively. These are all red herrings pointing in one direction.

2. You are not on their Friends List

Okay!!! So you are officially a couple, and you are not on his Facebook friends list? In some cases, it may be okay for that to happen. It’s hard to imagine for many, but not everyone is on Facebook. 

Maybe this could have been an agreement from the beginning. If that is not the case and your friend requests have been ignored by him for weeks at end, then there are some queries that need to be answered.  

The big obvious question is if a person can’t even grant you an online friend request, then can they really do anything for you? Can he stay loyal, and what if the person is already cheating on you?

3. You are on their Facebook but can see Nothing

So, you are in a relationship, and you are also on their social media. Cool, but then something starts to irk you. Your partner is on your friend list, yet you can’t see his posts. This is indeed troubling.

The fact is that there are Facebook settings that allow you to customize your profile and what everyone can see. It even gives you the option of choosing the people one by one who can see a particular post, friends or friends of friends, or the groups based on the info in your profile.

If your partner has repeatedly avoided you from seeing his posts and denied your requests to be tagged in some photos, then these are sure signs that they are hiding something from you. It may not be cheating, but there is trouble in paradise.

4. Facebook Crush

Facebook has the like option to show your appreciation for someone’s post. If your partner continues to like someone’s else post and ignores yours, then these are troubling signs for sure. Especially if this has been going on for some time now.

5. Hides Facebook

Privacy is a right every human wants and deserves, even if they are in a relationship. So, if you are repeatedly asking for their Facebook password, you should stop it immediately. They are entitled to their personal space.

On the counter side, if anytime you approach them while they are on Facebook and they immediately hide the screen, then that is also problematic. These are legitimate questions on your part that need immediate answers. Many partners have used Facebook Spy Software to confirm if these signs were true or just their fear.

6. Manage your Emotions

You have just found out that your partner is cheating on you. Now comes the difficult part, and that is dealing with the aftermath of finding that devastating truth. A good number of partners have reportedly cheated at least one time.

Before taking any further steps, it is important to stay in control of the situation, no matter how overwhelming the emotions may be. These are extremely painful times, and you can take a few steps to deal with them.

7. Take some Time

The first step would be to close your eyes, take a deep breath and spend some calm time alone. Don’t go in for a knee-jerk reaction. This is a relationship you have nurtured for a long so think long and hard about the next step.

Any sudden and thoughtful reaction might lead to regretful consequences. Some alone time and in your rare head-space might do you some good.

8. Talk to someone

After spending some time in your own head-space, it is advisable to talk to the people you can trust. Many times just speaking your heart out to people near and dear to us has shown to have a therapeutic effect on the mind.

9. Blaming Yourself

In many cases of cheating, the victim often tends to blame themselves for this happening. There is no point in doing this; it will only further sully the already spoiled mood.

Sometimes, there is blame on either side, but it is not always the case. Analyze the situation carefully before jumping to conclusions.

10. Talk to the Partner

Let your concerns and fears be known to your partner. There might be a personal problem that may have caused this behavior. Maybe he was coerced into it because of peer pressure or the influence of the wrong kind of friends. Sometimes a frank, peaceful, and honest talk can do wonders for a relationship.  

Reasons for Using A Facebook Tracking App

If you have tried the above-written method and your partner is not reacting in a positive manner or just ignoring your efforts, then it is time to move to the next step. You might be hesitant to use a phone tracking app on your partner, but there are some good reasons to use it to get to the heart of the matter.

Let’s go through some of these reasons

1. Remote Spy

Modern technology has aided us in many of our problems. Earlier, there were private detectives that used to do this, but they were expensive and could be caught, worsening the situation. 

Now, there are these mobile spy software apps that can do this remotely and discreetly. These apps remain and spy on the target device without the target user being alerted to the presence.

2. Stay Updated

These spy software continuously send the information to a central console on a real-time basis of all the activities. This will keep you updated with the target user’s daily activity, and you can form a pattern for their daily activities.

3. Easy to Use

The majority of this mobile spy software app has an easy 3-step process between downloading the software and then starting to start using it. There is an attempt to keep the process as simple as possible.

4. Affordability

There are many features on these apps that can make them expensive but unique technology to learn and experience. But many of these Facebook Spy Software apps have an affordable range of features that will give you a similar experience.

Best Facebook Tracker App

If you have decided to utilize Facebook Spy Software, several options are available. These software solutions are among the best available for monitoring your partner’s activities and keeping track of all the information you need. Additionally, if you’re interested in learning how to read Facebook messages without being seen, these tools can also be used to monitor your Facebook account.

1. Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro has a dedicated Spy App and is regarded highly in the market by experts and customers. It is not just trusted by many but is also quite affordable, which gives it an edge when it comes to the competition.

It starts at 4.99$ per month for Android Spy Software and at 7.99$ per month for iOS. It has dedicated 24*7 customer support and is in multiple languages.

2. Copy9

Copy9 is a decent alternative and provides some decent features. It comes at an added cost as the starting price is 21.60$ per month, and its compatibility with iOS and Android is limited too.

3. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy has good tracking and some other features to keep you informed. It is also quite costly and has a starting price of 68$ per month and is a few months behind in mobile device compatibility.

4. iSpyoo

iSpyoo works quite well for some people who are new to technology and has some good features. The downside is some of the features don’t work to their full capacity and is also hampered by a lack of customer support on many features. It starts at 54$, which is a little costly in comparison to the competition that has an affordable range.

5. HighsterMobile

HighsterMobile has just a one-time fee of 69$, making it quite attractive for some people, but its blocking capabilities for Facebook and many online sites are quite limited.

Getting cheated on is obviously very shocking news and a miserable experience to go through. Getting upset and being overwhelmed with negative emotions is quite understandable. It is important to calm down and take the help of Facebook Spy Software to come to a firm conclusion about the situation, after which you can take necessary action.